• CIN : U65990KL2018PLC054208
  • PAN : AALCM9930H
  • TAN : CHNM06475A

About Company

Let tomorrow begins today…..

Mirai Nidhi Limited is one of the most expanded finance company in Kerala, India, Commenced in 2018, headquartered at Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. Mirai Nidhi Limited now supplies to a large product portfolio including loans, Gold loans, Property take over in addition to its flagship financial services. At Mirai Nidhi Limited we believe on the nation’s economic growth & hence we have devoted ourselves towards evolving a gamut of finance possibilities that assists our clients to contemplate on core priorities. Our personalized finance options, helps our customers to deliver services quicker, better and economic, as we ought to take good care of their financial needs. With emphasis on steadfast ethics, mutual respect, solid fortitude and a strong work culture comprehending the global finance industry standards, Mirai Nidhi Limited has been able to uphold a gracious and captivating portfolio. We aspire to be in the forefront and to be one of the leading Financial Company in India, solving our customer’s financial requirements through better, faster, more authoritative and reasonable finance & loan related services. We price the presence of our stakeholders, financial associates and our expert and veteran team, all of which endorse a healthy growth as one of the most modest finance company in India. Our emphasis on quality and service fineness has reaped the admiration of enormous organizations and customers with whom we have worked. Mirai Nidhi Limited possesses a varied product range secured loans for individuals, Gold loan and small & micro loans. We believe that no dream should go unfulfilled because of the limitation of deposits. We have fulfilled many such dreams, and it’s our beloved customer’s reliance over us that drives our dream - to become the Best retail-finance company in the country.

Mirai Nidhi Limited is one of the budding finance company Headquartered in Thrissur, Mirai Nidhi Limited is a Nidhi company helmed by a young and recognized team of professionals. Together, we foster the objective of erecting an integrated Indian financial institution of repute, entrenched in trust, honesty and ethics. With the commencement of this journey was born a foresight to renovate rural and semi-urban Thrissur into a self-dependent, bourgeoning panorama. We strive to inspire millions of aspiring individuals with tailored finance for a wide array of vehicles, home development necessities and many other miscellaneous accomplishments – all to help them live their visions and advance in life. At Mirai Nidhi Limited, we are driven by a strong belief in individuals, their dreams, and their aptitude to attain those dreams. Hence, our socially comprehensive business model enables loans to clients based not on their present financial status, but their future earning capability. This attitude has infused a sense of confidence in the minds of people – a confidence that allows them to believe that no dream is too big. Today, as one of the leading Nidhi company, we are honored to have impressed over million lives. We have a vision to be the finest financial services company in the country and we understand that great visions are accomplished only with the support of great minds. At Mirai Nidhi Limited, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that our teams are enthused. We maintain a culture of coordination and meritocracy and stipulate each of our team mates the prospect to showcase their creativity, share their opinions, express them and mature with the organization.

Mirai Nidhi Limited is an integrated financial services platform. At Mirai Nidhi Limited, finance is not a commodity. We coalesce deep intelligence and perceptions to create organized finance products that ensemble the exclusive credit needs of customers. In an industry that is largely transactional, we build strong, long-term relationships. This is precisely where we outshine. As we grow, we remain obligated to liable business conduct and gold standard corporate governance. Binding financial, human and social capital, we are committed to long-term significance making for all stakeholders. Our promise mirrors the values we stand for as a financial services institution. We endure steadfast to what matters most our strong relationship with our clientele, whether it is an individual, small business or large institution that trusts us for its financing solutions. Mirai Nidhi Limited is led by an expert team of professionals with rich experience in the financial services industry. We amalgamate our expertise with ethics in governance to help businesses rediscover and grow. At Mirai Nidhi Limited, we are ambitious yet grounded. We cherish a vision of escalating financial openings for the aspirational middle class customers through responsible novelty.

About Us

Mirai Nidhi Limited is one of the most expanded finance company in Kerala, India. Commenced in 2018, headquartered at Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. Mirai Nidhi Limited now supplies to a large product portfolio including Loans.


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Mirai Nidhi Limited
G1 La Layanda Arcade
Kacheri, Nadathara P.O
Thrissur 680751, Kerala, India

Phone: 0487 2440088, 9544620022
E-mail: [email protected]

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